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Frequently asked questions
What's the best way of decorating large bedroom walls
Make the most of your large walls with grand artworks, murals, or curated gallery displays to fill the expanse without overwhelming the room's aesthetics.
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What are the best art styles for a serene bedroom
Consider serene landscapes, calming abstracts, botanical prints, or minimalist compositions to evoke tranquility and relaxation. It's also best to keep to a small number of art styles, this avoids the space becoming too crowded.
Are accent walls in Bedrooms still on trend?
Accent walls can transform a room if done tastefully. In 2024 the trend is focused on subtle patterns, textures, or monochromatic schemes for a modern touch. Not every bedroom needs an accent wall so avoid using them in every room in your home.
What's the ideal size for wall art in the bedroom?
Tailor the size to the wall dimensions. Larger walls can accommodate oversized pieces for a striking effect, whereas smaller walls may benefit from a cluster of smaller artworks. If you're worried about having one oversized framed print then select to have two or three smaller prints, this gives you the impact of a large focal point without the risk of being overwhelming.
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Should you put pictures on every wall of a bedroom?
Depending on the size of the room it's likely you'll want something on every wall but it doesn't have to be wall art. On the wall which gets the most natural light you'll want a mirror, then the other walls should be filled with a mix of framed prints, personal photos and other bits of wall decor. If your bedroom is on the smaller size then leave one wall empty to avoid the space feeling overwhelmed.
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Where should wall art be placed in the bedroom?
Strategic placement is key. Optimal spots include above the bed, along accent walls, or as a focal point above furniture pieces. As well as wall art in your bedroom you'll also need at least one mirror. Decide on where the mirror should go first and then use the wall art to fill the other walls. Think about how the light changes during the day as you'll want your framed prints to be covered in natural light at the key parts of the day. Ensure all your artworks are at eye-level viewing to make sure they have the biggest impact.
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How high should art be above your bed?
Art above the bed should generally be positioned at eye level or about 6-12 inches above the headboard. This ensures it remains visually connected to the bed and anchors the space effectively. Consider factors like the bed's height, the size of the artwork, and the overall room design before hanging your art.
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Is it bad feng shui to have art above your bed?
In Feng Shui, having art above your bed is not inherently bad. However, it's advised to avoid images that may disrupt sleep or create negative energy, such as aggressive or unsettling scenes. Choose calming and positive artwork, and ensure it's securely and harmoniously positioned. Additionally, avoid heavy objects or sharp edges directly above the bed to promote a sense of safety and tranquility
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How to Decorate a Bedroom: Tips and Ideas for a Stylish Makeover

How to Decorate a Bedroom: Tips and Ideas for a Stylish Makeover

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