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4.8 (4,746)

Rachel .

Verified purchase · 07 Mar 2024

Excellent choice. Original

Ignacio R.

Verified purchase · 07 Mar 2024

The variety of choice of everything. The delivery was quick and it was packaged extremely well. . The quality is outstanding for prints.

Valentina Q.

Verified purchase · 05 Mar 2024

Easy ordering, quick service . Beautiful picture, perfect framing

Marcus S.

Verified purchase · 21 Feb 2024

I got in a real muddle with my order, but was helped, very patiently, by Julia, who got me on track. This involved cancelling and re ordering, which she dealt with very professionally. Deserves a gold star!. It’s what I like so that speaks for itself

Barbara V.

Verified purchase · 18 Feb 2024

I like the poster a lot. I expected a much more quality frame for the price. It's cheap plastic.. A framed poster

Aurora U.

Verified purchase · 17 Feb 2024

Delighted with my purchase - and delivery.. Fun artwork

Frequently asked questions
What does the dog mean in art?
Dogs hold various symbolic meanings in art depending on cultural, historical, and personal interpretations. Often, dogs symbolize loyalty, companionship, and fidelity, reflecting their roles as faithful companions to humans throughout history. In some contexts, dogs may represent guardianship, protection, or vigilance, as seen in depictions of watchdogs or hunting dogs. Additionally, dogs can symbolize innocence, playfulness, and unconditional love, evoking emotions of warmth and affection. Overall, the representation of dogs in art is diverse and can convey a range of meanings, reflecting the complexity of the human-dog relationship.