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Hallway Design Ideas

Shoppable hallway inspo from our favourite influencers, designers and Fy! customers.

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Frequently asked questions
How to do art in a hallway?
Transforming a hallway into an artistic space involves selecting artwork that complements the area's ambiance and layout. Consider creating a gallery wall with a mix of paintings, photographs, or prints. Pay attention to scale, ensuring the artwork fits proportionally. Add lighting to highlight the pieces, and personalize the display with meaningful touches to make the hallway feel inviting and unique.
Should I hang art on both sides of a hallway?
Hanging art on both sides of a hallway can create balance and visual interest. Consider the hallway's width and traffic flow when determining spacing. Matching or complementary pieces on each side can enhance continuity, while contrasting styles can add variety. Ensure the artwork doesn't overcrowd the space and maintains harmony with the hallway's design.
What kind of pictures to put in hallway?
In a hallway, consider putting up a mix of artwork that reflects your personal style and complements the space's aesthetic. Opt for pieces that are visually engaging and resonate with you emotionally. This could include family photos, landscapes, abstract art, or thematic artwork. Consider the hallway's size and layout when selecting artwork, ensuring it fits proportionally and doesn't overwhelm the space.
How do I make my hallway look luxurious?
To create a luxurious ambiance in your hallway, focus on quality materials, elegant lighting, and refined decor. Consider adding a statement chandelier or sconces for sophisticated lighting. Incorporate luxurious textures like velvet or silk in upholstery or rugs. Opt for high-quality artwork or mirrors to add visual interest and depth. Keep the space clutter-free and well-maintained for a polished finish.
Should you put pictures in a hallway?
Placing pictures in a hallway can enhance its aesthetic appeal and personalize the space. Strategically arranging artwork along the walls can add visual interest, create a focal point, and make the hallway feel more welcoming and cohesive. Consider factors like size, style, and spacing to ensure the artwork complements the hallway's design and doesn't overwhelm the space.
What is the best color for a small hallway?
For a small hallway, light and neutral colors like soft whites, pale grays, or light pastels are ideal. These hues can make the space feel larger and more open by reflecting light and creating an airy ambiance. Avoid dark colors, as they can make the hallway feel cramped and enclosed.
What kind of art do you put in a hallway?
In a hallway, consider art that reflects your personal style while enhancing the space's ambiance. Choose pieces that resonate emotionally and visually, such as paintings, photographs, or prints. Opt for artwork that complements the hallway's decor and size, ensuring it fits proportionally and doesn't overwhelm the space. Experiment with gallery walls or thematic displays for added interest.
How to decorate a hallway space?
To decorate a hallway, start by considering its size, layout, and lighting. Choose artwork, mirrors, or decorative accents that complement the space's aesthetic and reflect your personal style. Utilize elements like rugs, lighting fixtures, or accent furniture to add interest and functionality. Keep the hallway clutter-free and well-organized to maintain a sense of openness and flow.
What color should I paint my hallway?
When choosing a paint color for your hallway, consider factors like lighting, size, and the overall aesthetic of your home. Light and neutral tones such as soft whites, pale grays, or light beige can create a sense of spaciousness and flow. Alternatively, you could opt for bold or vibrant hues to add personality and make a statement.
How to decorate hallway feng shui?
To decorate a hallway with Feng Shui principles, ensure it remains clutter-free and well-lit to encourage positive energy flow. Choose artwork or decor that evokes feelings of peace, harmony, and inspiration. Incorporate elements of nature, such as plants or natural materials, to bring balance and vitality to the space. Additionally, maintain a clear pathway to promote a sense of ease and tranquility.