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Home Office Design Ideas

Shoppable home office inspo from our favourite influencers, designers and Fy! customers.

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Frequently asked questions
How should I decorate my home office?
Decorating your home office involves balancing functionality with personal style. Start by choosing a color scheme that promotes focus and creativity, such as calming blues or energizing greens. Incorporate ergonomic furniture for comfort and productivity. Add storage solutions to keep the space organized and clutter-free. Personalize with artwork, plants, and decorative accents that inspire and motivate you. Consider incorporating elements that reflect your interests and personality to create a space that feels inviting and conducive to work.
Should you desk face the door in a home office?
Whether your desk should face the door depends on personal preference and practical considerations. Facing the door allows you to see who enters, promoting a sense of security and control. However, some prefer a view away from the door for increased focus and reduced distractions. Consider factors like room layout, traffic flow, and individual work style when deciding on desk orientation.
What is an ideal home office layout?
An ideal home office layout maximizes productivity and comfort. Position the desk near natural light sources to reduce eye strain and boost mood. Keep essential items within arm's reach to minimize distractions. Incorporate ergonomic furniture and organization systems to promote good posture and efficiency. Personalize the space with inspiring decor and plants for a conducive work environment.
What type of wall art is in a home office
In a home office, wall art can be more personal and reflective of the individual's taste and interests. Consider incorporating artwork that inspires productivity, such as motivational quotes or abstract paintings. Family photos, travel souvenirs, or favorite artworks can add a personalized touch, creating a comfortable and inspiring work environment.
How to decorate back wall of home office?
To decorate the back wall of a home office, consider both functionality and aesthetics. Install shelves for storage and display of books, plants, or decorative items. Hang a large piece of artwork or a gallery wall to add visual interest. Consider a corkboard or whiteboard for notes and reminders. Customize to suit your workflow and personal style for a productive and inspiring workspace.
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