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Bathroom Wall Art

Relax and enjoy a favourite piece of art while relaxing in the tub.

All Bathroom Wall Art
Laundry Day Art Print
Laundry Basket Art Print
Face Art Print
From $23$17
Time To Surf Art Print
Motherhood Art Print
Don'T Rush Me Art Print
Wine Break Art Print
Moroccan Dream Art Print
On Off Art Print
From $24$18
Exit Art Print
From $24$18
Cat With Fish Art Print
Night Bath Art Print
Orange Tree Art Print

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4.8 (4,746)

Carol L.

Verified purchase · 09 Mar 2024

I have been very pleased with the quality and likeness of the images I selected from on your website.. The item was a quaility product and unique.

Harvey Q.

Verified purchase · 09 Mar 2024

Great product, quick shipping!. Wall picture

Victoria .

Verified purchase · 09 Mar 2024

My friend absolutely loved her print I got her from Fy. I have a list of prints I’d like for my home too. . The girl going into the sea.

Drew M.

Verified purchase · 08 Mar 2024

Thank you! My gift was exactly what we had hoped it would be. ❤️❤️. Simple design, nice details, good color. It’s what I was hoping for.

Emeka V.

Verified purchase · 08 Mar 2024

Great range, great prices, great app. Art

Joe .

Verified purchase · 08 Mar 2024

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Frequently asked questions
What type of art looks good in a bathroom?
In a bathroom, choose nature-themed artwork, such as serene beach scenes or botanical prints to create a calming atmosphere. Abstract art with soft color palettes or muted tones contributes to a spa-like feel. Additionally, quirky or humorous pieces can add a touch of personality. Ultimately, opt for pieces that resonate with your aesthetic, enhance the overall ambiance, and are resilient in the bathroom environment.
How high above a toilet should I hang wall art
When hanging wall art above a toilet, aim for a height of about 8 to 10 inches above the top of the toilet tank to ensure it is visually balanced and not too high or low. This allows enough space for the artwork to be visible and avoids any risk of interference.
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Is canvas art ok in a bathroom?
Canvas art is suitable for a bathroom but you must ensure proper ventilation, avoid direct contact with water, and periodically check for any signs of damage to maintain the artwork's longevity.
Should you hang art in the bathroom?
Hanging art in the bathroom can add personality and elevate the space, but consider factors like humidity levels and potential water damage. Choose suitable locations away from direct water sources and ensure proper ventilation to preserve the integrity of the pieces.
How can I make my terrible bathroom look nice?
To transform a lackluster bathroom into a visually appealing space, focus on simple yet impactful changes. Start by updating the color scheme with light, neutral tones to create a fresh and spacious feel. Add stylish accessories like new towels, a coordinating shower curtain, and decorative storage solutions to declutter and organize the space.
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