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Dining Room Wall Art

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Padstow Art Print
Don'T Rush Me Art Print
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Wine Break Art Print
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The Wineclub Art Print
The Mimosas Art Print
Lemon Bowl Art Print

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4.8 (4,746)

Debra U.

Verified purchase · 10 Mar 2024

Quick delivery. Print is on high quality and heavy paper. The detail is amazing.

Leon V.

Verified purchase · 09 Mar 2024

Arrived in excellent condition and looked like the picture. Good quality paper also. Prompt arrival.. Found a funky print - ordered it and it arrived!

Betty G.

Verified purchase · 07 Mar 2024

Good quality prints, great choice and quick delivery . High quality print

Maia F.

Verified purchase · 07 Mar 2024

I loved the available art options, in addition to the different frames offered. the pieces came quickly and intact. . 2 Large, colorful framed art prints that being brightness and color to my home

Virginia Q.

Verified purchase · 05 Mar 2024

Prints to make gallery wall

Virginia F.

Verified purchase · 05 Mar 2024

The quality and selection are fantastic, but the prices are a bit steep which could keep me from recommending to a friend. .

Frequently asked questions
What kind of art is good for a dining room?
When selecting art for your dining room, aim for pieces that elevate the dining experience and complement the room's decor. Still life paintings featuring fruits, flowers, or table settings exude elegance and reflect the gathering theme. Nature-inspired artworks, like landscapes or botanical prints, infuse a tranquil ambiance. Abstract art adds modern flair, while food-related pieces inject personality. High-quality photography offers captivating focal points, from distant vistas to tantalizing culinary delights. Ultimately, choose art that resonates with your style, enriching the dining room's atmosphere and sparking conversation.
Where should are be placed in a dining room?
Strategic placement of art in a dining room can greatly enhance its overall ambiance and appeal. Consider these suggestions for maximizing the impact of art in your dining space. Positioning art above the dining table can establish a captivating focal point, adding depth and character to the room. Opt for artwork that harmonizes with the table's proportions and hangs at eye level when seated, ensuring a harmonious arrangement. Ultimately, the placement of art in your dining room should be guided by the room's size, layout, and your personal preferences. By carefully considering these factors, you can create a dining space that reflects your unique style and enhances the overall look of the room.
What colour is best for a dining room?
When choosing the perfect color for your dining room, it's essential to consider the ambiance you want to create and your personal preferences. Various options cater to diverse tastes: Warm Neutrals like beige, taupe, or soft gray bring coziness and versatility, blending seamlessly with different decor styles. Soothing Blues such as powder blue or aqua induce a tranquil atmosphere, stimulating the appetite and promoting relaxation. Elegant Greens like sage or olive evoke a refreshing, natural feel, fostering serenity and harmony. Rich Jewel Tones like deep purple, ruby red, or sapphire blue add drama and sophistication, perfect for formal dining settings. Classic Whites offer brightness and space, serving as a versatile backdrop for decor elements. Ultimately, choose a color that complements your decor style, lighting, and desired mood. Test paint samples to ensure the perfect match before finalizing your decision.
How big should art be in a dining room?
In a dining room, art size should harmonize with room dimensions, furniture scale, and personal taste. Opt for art that fills the wall space without overwhelming it; a single large piece or a curated collection suits sizable walls. Ensure art dimensions align with furniture proportions to maintain balance. Hang artworks at eye level, about 57-60 inches from the floor, for optimal visibility and aesthetic appeal. Tailor art shape to wall space for cohesive design. Overall, let art enhance the dining room's ambiance and style.